General Business Conditions of the Rope Center

By entering the rope center, the client automatically agrees with the General Business Conditions of the rope center, which are published below:

Machův mlýn rope park “
1. By entering the attraction “rope park Machův mlýn”, the visitor undertakes to comply with these rules.
2. Entry to the Rope Park without the presence of the staff is FORBIDDEN.
3. The visitor is obliged to follow the instructions of the Rope Park operator
4. It is forbidden to enter the Rope Park under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics.
5. Smoking and lighting a fire are FORBIDDEN in the Rope Park area.
6. In case of non-compliance with the operating rules, the staff can remove the visitor from the Rope Park without the right to a refund of the entrance fee.
7. Movement on the obstacles of the Rope Park is a sporting activity that each visitor runs at his own risk. The responsibility for the children is taken over by their legal representative, or another person over the age of 18 in charge of supervising the child.
8. Entry to the Rope Park route is possible only with the permission of the operator / instructor.
9. It is forbidden to consume food and drinks on obstacles, including chewing gum, etc.
10. It is forbidden to bring borrowed equipment outside the Rope Park area.
11. The operator is not responsible for things stored in the Rope Park area, as well as for damage to clothing or personal items on obstacles.
12. The operator is not responsible for damage to the health of the visitor caused by non-compliance with instructions and instructions, or as a result of overestimation of their own abilities and health status.
13. The participant (or his / her legal representative) acknowledges that he / she is responsible for the evaluation of his / her own health condition with regard to the type of this sports activity. Obstacle climbing is not recommended for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular problems, epilepsy, people with increased bone fragility, etc.
14. Only persons with a minimum height of 130 cm (from a height of 120 cm only with an escort higher than 150 cm) may move in the rope park.
15. Children under the age of 10 have entry only under the supervision of an adult (supervision means continuous monitoring of the child on the route, while the adult does not have to be a participant in the Rope Park and can supervise the child from the ground).
16. Persons over 120 kg can visit the Rope Park in agreement with the instructors and carefully consider their health.
17. Sturdy shoes, fastening of long hair and storage of personal items (wristwatches, rings, bracelets, chains, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) are required on obstacles.
18. Before entering the Rope Park, the visitor is obliged to complete training and practice of securing on a simulator.
19. Each participant must secure himself in the rope park according to the instructions, ie. use both safety carabiners on the obstacle and switch the carabiners on the platform so that there is always one carabiner on the safety rope. He is obliged to use a fall arrester on vertical obstacles.
20. It is forbidden to take off or manipulate the visitor’s equipment or its parts in any way.
21. A maximum of one climber moves on one obstacle.
22. A maximum of three climbers move on the platform.
23. The route of the Rope Park is one-way, the participant always proceeds in the direction from the first obstacle to the last. The exception is the obstacle “Abbreviation”, which is two-way. If a faster participant wants to prevent a slower one, he will do so by mutual agreement on the transfer platform.
24. In case of any ambiguities, the visitor will call the Rope Park staff. Until her arrival, she must remain secured and in no case may she leave the Rope Park on her own.
25. The operator declares that he has taken out liability insurance for damage to entrepreneurs.
These operating rules were issued on 21 May 2018 and are valid until the new operating rules are issued.

Operator: Jiří Novák, Vrapická 48, 272 03, Kladno 3, ZIP code 272 03, IČ: 65252446